All Things Ceremony – Part 1 – Styled Down the Aisle

Our last blog post has us feeling inspired to share more 2016 wedding trends! Over the next two weeks we’re putting together a two part series – All Things Ceremony.

Your ceremony sets the stage as far as color pallet, style and aesthetic for the rest of your wedding day! Since the ceremony is the first event of your big day, you’ll want to make a great first impression on your guests! Your ceremony décor should tie into your wedding theme – glam, rustic, vintage or  modern.

Today’s weddings just aren’t the same as they used to be! When I got married, ceremony décor was limited to petals down the aisle, and occasionally arch. I’m loving the 2016 wedding ceremony trends that include hanging items from chairs, flower petal design, flower garlands & more!

Below are a few of my favorite aisle designs – from petals to hanging beer bottles! The options are endless – but always remember to keep your design true to YOU!

Ceremony DecorWindmill Winery | Melissa Jill Photography

ceremonyAntique Wedding House – Kreatid Photography

12417998_564130430402589_1353755657209755031_nThe Views at Superstition | Eyeshot Photography

image1I spy BudLight bottles.. do you!? | McCormick Ranch

mason jarsSoHo63 | Jessica Q Photography

roses hangingOver 100 Hanging Roses ! SoHo63 | Jessica Q Photography

Stay tuned for Part II – Arches & More!

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