Cakes, Cake Toppers & Flowers- Oh My!

 I absolutely love when couples add personal details to their wedding. All too often, couples look to Pinterest for the latest trends and how to make their wedding better than the next. What makes a wedding really special is the uniqueness that couples bring. The little quirks that they have. Maybe a fun hobby that brought them together. Or a shared interest in the same TV show. Couples who bring out their personalities & likes in their wedding seem to have more fun in the planning process!


One way to show your guests who you are is through your wedding cake. I have seen the most extravagant cakes, but the ones that stand out the most are the cakes that describe the couple the best. A Star Wars cake. An ocean inspired cake. An ombre designed cake. Let your wedding cake tell a story. Laser cut cake toppers are one of my favorite cake decorations right now. You can have the message personalized to something meaningful to you and your loved one.

cake florals

Another way to personalize your cake is with your favorite flowers. I may be biased on this one, but I think incon’t regret it!orporating the flowers of the bouquet into the cake ties the wedding together perfectly! Cakes with watercolor designs on them look beautiful with floral details on the top. Or combine the laser cut message with a flower topper and you have created a beautiful top tier design. I have only explained a few ways to utilize your flowers in your cake design! Note that that if you go with a cake that has intricate details or lots of design elements, I would not recommend adding flowers. You don’t want to take away from the design work. Lastly, you can always add greenery or petals around the base of the cake to soften the setting. floral cake

Whether it is a floral 5 tier cake or a decorative cupcake tower, the possibilities are endless. There are a multitude of ways to be creative through your wedding cake. Find what is right for you and talk to your baker about personalization. You won’t regret it!

Photos by Kreatid Photography, Melissa Jill Photography, Jasmine Amber Photography

Cake by Sue Jacobs Cakes & Honeymoon Sweets Bakery

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