Bridesmaid Bridal Bouquets

The bouquets are what stand out in all the pictures and in-the-moment, besides the dress. The bridal ensemble is in coordination with your theme, colors, and style. It becomes one of the most photographed pieces of the entire wedding. This is why there is such an importance on how you design your bouquets. You have to make sure the bride’s bouquet stands out from the rest, but the entire wedding party is in synch.

There’s quite a bit that goes into making sure the bridal bouquet is the star of the show, but also making sure the bridesmaids bouquets don’t blend into the rest. Here is how I create the most beautiful bridesmaid bridal bouquets.


Use the same flowers

To make a cohesive design that the bride will love, you have to use the same flowers throughout the bridal party. The sunflowers are the star of the show in these floral arrangements, but there is only one small one in the bridesmaid bouquets. This is a way of making the bride’s bouquet stand out, but also make sure the bridesmaid bouquets are still as beautiful and outstanding!
bridalbouquets4(Jasmine Amber Photography) 

(Jessica Q Photography)

Choose different colors

To help create the cohesiveness throughout the bridal party use a different shade of the bridal color. The coral roses in the bride’s bouquet stand out on its own so there’s no need to put a lot of them, or any at all in the bridesmaid bouquets. By using crème roses for the bridesmaid bouquets, not only does it help tie into their beautiful and
old blue floral dresses, but it doesn’t take away from the aesthetic appeal of the whole party.


(Kreatid Photography)

Go all white

When a bride’s bouquet has a mix of flowers and hues of a color, there’s no better way of helping it stand out by making the bridesmaid bouquets simple and elegant. White is such a universal color, and it will stand the test of time. The white not only helps the bridal bouquet but it also, I believe, makes the dresses stand out even more!

bridalbouquets6(Melissa Jill Photography)

(Melissa Jill Photography)

Same bouquet

Sometimes it just works best with the entire wedding to just have the same floral arrangement for both the bride and her bridesmaids. This creates a cohesive and simple design, and it makes the wedding dresses stand out. By making the bridesmaid bouquets the same as the bride, but just a little less use of flowers, everything looks perfect!


(Encompass Photography)

These are some of my favorite ways of creating bridesmaid bouquets that don’t take away from the bride! There are many other ways of doing it, but these are the ones I’ve been using. If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact me, or go to my Instagram and Facebook.


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