Tossing the Bridal Bouquet

One of my favorite things about my job is having to make a unique bouquet for the future bride. In the past, I have added things like broaches and charms to add a personal touch for the bride. I have even taken a piece of the mother of the bride’s dress and added it to the bae of the bride’s bouquet for a special touch.  I adore how the blooms always bring out the smile and twinkle of the bride and she is walking down the aisle to say her I do’s. It’ all very touching and I love the grand splendor of all the darling traditions.

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My favorite tradition is when the bride gets ready to throw the bouquet. I call it the “Blessing Bouquet”.  The tradition originated in England as way for the  bride to pass good fortune to her unmarried friends. I’ve always ben enchanted by how something as simple as flowers can make your day and put a beautiful smile on your face. The big moment when all the single ladies get together in anticipation with the eagerness in their eyes reaching out their hands get ready to snatch that bouquet to find out if they will be next to get married.

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A twist to tossing the bouquet is to wrap five individual stems with ribbon and tie loosely with a bow. When the bride has her back to her single friends, she unties the bow and tosses five stems! This is such a fun surprise for her friends, because five ladies can get married because of her wedding and nobody gets hurt fighting over one bouquet. The bride keeps her own bouquet in order to keep it for herself as a wedding keepsake, and instead throw a ‘fortune bouquet’ to her unmarried guest. Sounds like a great new tradition, doesn’t it?

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